Ministers are reportedly considering a potential ban on seed potato imports and mineral water from the EU following the decision to ban exports of certain shellfish products from UK waters.

The Telegraph newspaper has alleged that Government ministers are looking at a series of proposals which could see the UK end a number of continuity arrangements it has previously agreed with the EU.

The proposals, which have since been dubbed ‘Water Wars’, include restrictions on the import of mineral water, as well as seed potatoes which the EU secured a temporary agreement on until the end of June.

The conflict has cast further doubt over the financial position of some UK fishing firms. However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has revealed it would be widening the eligibility criteria for its £23 million support package.

The Seafood Disruption Support Scheme (SDSS) had come under fire from Seafood Scotland chief executive, Donna Fordyce, who said the criteria would make it difficult for firms to be able to claim support.

Defra has since revealed that the grants will now cover three months of average fixed costs and will be open to certain boats and shellfish exporters which have suffered from a significant drop in demand, as well as disruption in exporting to the EU.