The CO2 industry has reached an agreement that aims to ensure UK businesses have access to a sustainable supply of CO2.

CF Fertilisers, which supplies around 60% of the UK’s commercial C02 requirements, was involved in the deal.

According to the government, CO2 suppliers have agreed to pay CF Fertilisers a price for the CO2 it produces that will enable it to continue operating while global gas prices remain high, “drawing on support from industry and delivering value for money for the taxpayer.”

In September, the government agreed a 3-week arrangement with CF Fertilisers that allowed the company to continue operating while the industry moved towards a further agreement. The new deal runs until January 2022 and aims to ensure that key sectors, including food processing and nuclear power, are supplied with CO2 within this time.

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, said: “CO2 is vital for our food and drink sectors. The government has taken decisive action in these exceptional circumstances to allow a deal to be reached which will continue the supply of CO2 to businesses – including thousands of food and drink businesses – up and down the country.”