The UK’s only manufacturer of air-dried fruit and vegetable crisps has signed an exclusive agreement with Pink Lady® to turn its apples into a snack.

Founder Nimisha Raja is hoping the tie-up will double the sales of the apple variety of crisps over the next twelve months and expects to see the co-branded packs available in Tesco by the end of April and via its website, Amazon and other online sellers: “This is a partnership made in heaven. Pink Lady® are the best apples in the world and we make the best crisps, what could be better?”

Nim’s, which received the Queen’s Award for Innovation last year, currently offers 10 different fruit and vegetable crisp varieties, ranging from pineapple & kiwi, melon & orange to beetroot & parsnip and peppers & courgettes.

Apple continues to be its best-selling line and the company is now looking to maximise the Pink Lady® brand to reach new customers.

A number of promotions and social media campaigns are planned to celebrate the new partnership, with Nim’s fruit crisps being positioned in the fresh fruit and veg section of supermarkets to increase awareness.

“A Pink Lady® apple is the first to blossom on the tree and the last to be harvested by hand. From ‘pip to perfection’, only the very best apples receive the heart-shaped seal of approval,” added Lisa Kerr, new business marketing manager for Coregeo, master licensor for Pink Lady® in the UK.

“This time on the tree helps Pink Lady® apples develop their unique fizz, distinctive blush, sweet flavour and crunchy texture – ideal for turning them into a great tasting healthy snack in the form of a Nim’s Fruit Crisp.”

Nim’s has remained operational throughout Covid-19, which it reports will enable it to remain on course for year-on-year growth, with subscription gift boxes on the rise, including the Craft Gin Club, providing additional revenue streams to make up for the lack of ‘food on the move’ sales due to people working from home during the national lockdowns.